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Breskens, Nederland
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Web & Programmering
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I'm a freelance software engineer specialized in web-based software development projects. I make use of the latest available web technologies. I have over 15 years of commercial experience in software development projects, mainly delivering custom-made web-b
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Designed and developed an online business directory for a client in the electronics market. Companies are able to register themselves, add products, categories, photo's etc. and able to log in and change their details afterwards. Administrators can customize the site, manage categories, users, etc.. This site is still under light development. The version online is a first working version.


Web & Programmering

total average: 7.5/10

.NET 8.0/10

ADO.NET 8.0/10

AJAX 8.0/10

ASP 8.0/10

ASP.NET 8.0/10

C# 9.0/10

CSS 8.0/10

Data Structures 8.0/10

DHTML 7.0/10

HTML 9.0/10

Javascript 9.0/10

JQuery 7.0/10

Software Testing 6.0/10

SQL 9.0/10

VB.NET 6.0/10

XHTML 5.0/10

XML 7.0/10

XSLT 5.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 8.0/10

Webdesign 8.0/10