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Rotterdam, Nederland
4.24 Score: 4.24/10 Score
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Web & Programmering
Design & Media


In December 2013 I started my own practice in Rotterdam as a "Webdoctor". My clients are predominantly small businesses, professionals and individuals. 
 My strengths? I'm solution oriented, pragmatic and broad-based. Of course that really suits my Rotterdam '
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Beoordelingen en aanbevelingen


e-ZineRotterdam Smart Industry

e-ZineRotterdam Smart Industry

The city of Rotterdam is working with various partners in the city together on the next phase in the economy, the NextEconomy: also called Smart Industry. To clarify how Rotterdam entrepreneurs from the manufacturing industry deal with the NextEconomy we made a digital magazine. 14 ambassadors explain how they embrace the NextEconomy.

Van A tot Suus

Van A tot Suus

Susanne Hellendoorn is the journalist of A to Suus Texts . After having discussed some options she chose a theme with an animated slider. When I completed the website , I also arranged a WordPress session with her to explain how she can manage the content of the website.

Maria Galland

Maria Galland

digital magazine


Web & Programmering

total average: 5.421052631578948/10

.NET 4.0/10

AJAX 3.0/10

ASP 4.0/10

ASP.NET 4.0/10

C++ 4.0/10

CSS 9.0/10

DotNetNuke 7.0/10

Flash 3.0/10

HTML 9.0/10

HTML5 9.0/10

Javascript 6.0/10

Joomla 5.0/10

JQuery 5.0/10

MySQL 4.0/10

PHP 6.0/10

SQL 4.0/10

WordPress 9.0/10

XML 5.0/10

XSLT 3.0/10

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total average: 5.0/10

Web Content 5.0/10

Web Content 5.0/10

Design & Media

total average: 7.0/10

Webdesign 7.0/10